Classification radar

hello everyone, I work on the radar images and I want to make the classification of the radar image but I do not know the training areas in the image. I need help because I really block in this part and thank you in advance.

as already commented in your last topic (here): Please have a look at these topics:

If you have more specific questions, please tell us at which step you struggle.


Thank you Master Braun, I really appreciate your help.

I just started again the classification with the software Qgis (With Sentinel 1 Images). I already had a shapefile containing the training area (made by another software), So my question is : Can I import my shapefile and use it with Qgis software? if yes, how can I do it?

I also tried to make a classification, after creating a shapefile on Qgis, but I got this following message, in the attached image. Please what is the problem with my random forest classification?


Looks like the raster you use in QGIS is not geocoded yet. Did you apply any preprocessing to it before importing it into QGIS?

You can also import shapefiles (with an attribute coding for the training class) from any GIS into SNAP and have it classified there. Have a look here: Rndom forest classification steps and here Removing land by masking