Comaring DEM from InSAR to SRTM

i have a question whether can we compare SRTM data to DEM from InSAR, and which one can generate more accurate DEM ?
thank your for your help.

Unless you don’t process TanDEM-X data (or other bistatic SAR sensors) SRTM is surely the one of better quality.
To assess the accuracy of the InSAR DEM spatially and visually you can subtract it from the SRTM to get a difference raster such as demonstrated here:

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I’m yet to look into these results, but a DEM I created with Sentinel-1 InSAR appeared to have a RMSE of 65m compared to the SRTM 30m. However at higher altitudes from 400-1500m (as there was low coherence <400m), the Sentinel 1 DEM appeared to have better represented the topography of the area compared to SRTM, despite the point altitude error

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ok thank you for responding.