Coregistration before processing interferrometry

i got pair of SLC ultrafine image
from radarsat, i’m gonna use it to practice for interferrometry, but when i was going to coregistration the image, an error occured

the computer said the Ellipsoid.ell2xyz input values for phi/lambda have to be in radians
anybody know how to fix it? i dont know what does Ellipsoid.ell2xyz mean? thank you :smiley:

Basically the processing chain of SLC radarsat (interferometric processing) should be as below,

You have two SLC’s Radarsat images,

Open a pair of SLC products --------> Use BanSelect to select (polarization) -------->Apply InSAR Optimized Corregistration-------->Generate interferogram and coherence-------->Apply Topographic Phase Removal-------->Apply Goldstein Phase Filtering-------->Export to Snaphu and unwrapping-------->import from snaphu-------->Apply phase to displacement