Create a PNG/JPEG from OLCI L1 Netcdf File

Dear all,

I downloaded OLCI Level 1 products from the Copernicus Data Hub. I need to create a jpeg/png from the different bands of OLCI L1 product on Python. These files are NetCDF file providing an array with radiances for each pixels.



You can use pconvert directly from the command line. It is shipped along with SNAP. The usage is documented in the help.

Then you can avoid python at all or you can call it from a Python script as a sub-process…
Or you use snappy ( Configure Python to use the SNAP-Python (snappy) interface - SNAP Wiki). Then you can have a look at these threads which can help you:

Exporting RGB image as GeoTIFF error - development / python - STEP Forum (

Exporting RGB image with vector layers - development / python - STEP Forum (

This should be accessible via the raster-menu in the GUI.