Deformation mapping Challenge

i am working on sentinel 1A SLC product to assess any surface deformation.
I can produce DInSAR result with a convincing result, but my displacement map is not ?

It seems like wrong. It don’t have correlation with the DInSAR fringes ? I do several times but I can’t resolve it? I need your offering please?
I use snap software for all my process. For phase unwrapping I use snaphu-v1.4.2. My operating system is window , if it could be the doubt

This is my result both DInSAR and displacement map

The patterns which are currently visible are mostly concentrated in areas without proper fringes. Try masking out areas with low coherence as described here: Subsidence map in 3d view
What is then left will be much more reliable.

Please consider that unless you have a big subsidence phenomenon or event in which the deformation is much higher than the atmosphere related phase in the scene, proceeding to the phase unwrapping without any atmosphere correction you will get directly the atmospheric artifacts on the displacement map (as currently seems to be at least to my eyes on the interferogram you showed)

In cases of subsidence on Mexico city, which the rate is about 2.5cm/month or an Earthquake event which large deformation is expected (larger than few cm or reaching meters), then you can neglect the effect due to atmosphere.

So please take this into account before unwrapping any interferogram.

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how can we remove the atmospheric artifacts

Please have a look at these comments and discussions on atmispheric errors:

An alternative is to look for less disturbes image pairs.
Notes on the selection of suitable images: Help in DEM Generation using Sentinel-1