DEM from Sentinel SAR Image

Hlw Everyone,
I am a fresh user of SAR data, how can i get DEM from Sentinel SAR Imagery; If possible can anyone just upload the full tutorial video of creating this DEM, step by step. What is the spatial resolution of this Sentinel SAR data and what is the accuracy of this derived DEM? I have go through the earlier thread related to DEM but couldn’t do anything from those written steps. Thanks in advance.

This is quite an advanced topic to start. And the truth is, the quality is bad in most of the cases. There is not general guarantee that it will work, because it depends on so many things if a DEM can be generated, error sources are multiple and there is no basic recommendation for the single parameters. You will have to know what you are doing in order to make good choices.

Probably the best topic to learn from a successful example is here: The Order of DEM Creating Steps

But you will have to bring some willingness to learn what these steps mean. This is an excellent collection of useful information:

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