Difference between vertical and LOS displacement

It is almost impossible to comment after you have performed so many processing steps. Is the content of the error correct - are the Phase bands missing?

Yes, you are right, but the error that is currently giving me is heading angles are missing for collocated slaves

Sounds like you should reprocess from the beginning and keep things as simple as possible.

@diana_harosa Looks like this particular error-message is still using outdated master-slave terminology.

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I run all the steps from the beginning, I hope this error will be fixed, I will comment the result here

Hello, unfortunately, this error was not solved by re-executing all the steps

Hi, When using InSAR to obtain a DEM, is the height that I obtain above the geoid or above the ellipsoid? And using images from ascending and descending orbits to obtain vertical and horizontal displacements, are these resulting vertical displacements above the surface of the ellipsoid?, and can I compare them to GPS measurements?
Thank you in advance

I think, InSAR processing is using WGS84 datum (ellipsoid),
In this case we can compare GPS result directly with InSAR.

Jira ticket SNAP-3692 created

Is there a relationship between using the local incidence angle in calculating vertical displacements and comparing this displacement with the geoid height, and using incidence angle from ellipsoid in calculating vertical displacement and comparing it with the ellipsoidal height?