Direct download of v6.0.6

Since the change in the SRTM DEM storage location, Terrain Correction is broken for versions of SNAP before, as far as I can tell, 6.0.6. I’m grateful for the team getting that fix out so quickly, but unfortunately it isn’t available to be downloaded directly. The only version of SNAP available on is 6.0.0. We’re running SNAP using GPT graphs in a headless system, and we’ve found updating SNAP from the command line (with snap --nosplash --nogui --modules --update) to be very slow and unreliable. It’d be a huge help if the version available for direct download and installation were the latest and greatest.

That the update is not working well, could also be caused by high server traffic.
See this post:

The problem isn’t that the updates fail with an error, it’s than running them from the command line is extremely slow and sometimes just never exits. This isnt’ something we want to have to do as part of server setup on the command line. Is it really not possible to make the latest version of Snap available for download without going through updates?

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Alternatively, so that we can take some traffic off your servers, is your build and deployment process documented? We’d be happy to build and deploy SNAP ourselves using the source code released on GitHub, rather than having to download it from you every time we rebuild our images.

The build process is documented up to a certain point:
How to build SNAP from sources
How to run and debug SNAP from an IDE (IntelliJ IDEA)
With both information, it is possible to gather all the build out in a directory and add a batch or shell script which follows the configuration settings specified for IntelliJ IDEA.
But this is not straight forward.
Without the installer, it is difficult to build it. But maybe you have or can obtain a license for Install4j. If so, you only need the snap-installer project use the snap.install4j file.