Displacement maximum and minimum value?

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I have a question about some values in SNAP 5.

as shown in the image below there is a conflict between minimum values of displacement.

in the Colour Manipulation box the minimum value is -0.383.

and when I track pixel manually, I found some values that exceeds -0.383, for example this value -0.3907?
What;s the problem do the maximum and some other values are wrong so?

click on the red “Rough statistics” co calculate the real min/max values of your raster. The values given in the histogram are just roughly calculated and are covering only 95% of the full range by default (for better image contrast). Click on the 100% to see the full range.

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Thank you for the Help
and please could I know the Pixels of the Min AND Max ?

detailed image statistics are calculated with this tool

You can create a mask for the min/max value. Then they are highlighted. And you can zoom to the mask area.
Or you can export the mask pixels by using the context menu.

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What does the Range from Data values means?
When I click on it my displacement values changes completly.
In this example: I’ve fond displacement values from -0.0067 to 0.065 meters. And after select Range from Data I obtain displacement values between -0.137 to 0.1311 meters

displacement map before apllying Range from Data

displacement map after apllying Range from Data

Which map shows the correct displacement values?

Thank you!!!

this only affects the clouring of your raster. The min and max values indicate the range between the colour ramp is scaled. Your raster stays the same.
This is useful because there can always be values in your data which are outside the reasonable range. Treating them as outliers helps you to view the image at better contrasts.

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I have a question about the maximum and minimum values.
on the value of the maximum and minimum value minus.
I hope the question can be answered?

I already explained in here, please have a look,

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