Download tiles

Is there a way to select an specific tile at downloading?
I have tried with

python --lat 42.3308278 --lon 0.9949278 -a apihub.txt -d 2015-12-02 -f 2015-12-04 -n -s S2 -t 31TCG

but as Oliver mentions in,
there is a problem with the -t option. I get zip files of 0 bytes.

What would be the wget syntax for selecting i.e. tile 31TCG of


The script tries to run $value on the granule subdirectory. This does not work. The script guide suggests it works, but in reality, it does only for the main data set directory.

See also

Individual tiles or granule can be downloaded from amazon mirror. For your tile, a link that you should follow is

Dear Agustin and Guido, my little download tool : Sentinel-download, now allows to download specific tiles instead of whole products thanks to the -t option. I have finally found some time to finish it. I have not tested it much, though, please tell me if you find some bugs.


Hi all,
just to let you know that the Sentinel-download tool has received a great contribution from Michel Le Page (also from CESBIO) in order to have it work on Windows. On Windows, the tool relies on aria2 downloader instead ot wget. You will have to [ download and instal aria2] (

Please do not ask me questions on installing on Windows, I do not know Windows…

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First off, thank you @OHagolle for this nice little tool :grin:

I’ve already been using it on my OSX machine … but now I’m trying to get it working on my Windows 7 PC and that’s where the problems start. I understand that for Windows it’s better/necessary to use aria2, so I downloaded it and it seems to be working.

But when I’m trying to download the scenes, nothing really happens besides the output of the query. Does anybody have an idea or some experiences with that?



I got it running … there was a problem with the backward slash in the https link … not it’s working at least with wget :smiley:

Hello, Val.

Try this tool:

Training materials presented at
Description training materials:

I did it cross-platform.
Just don’t use opj_decompress (from the video).
In opj_decompress found a bug!
Open the tiles in a SNAP with a future update
(see topic The QUANTIFICATION_VALUE has a true value (DN to TOA Reflectance)?).

Best regards,

Thanks Val, we’ll correct it.

Dear Olivier,sorry for asking a stupid question, but I’m a novice: does your tool only work for those who already registered to an API hub or also for the Scientific hub?

Ciao Raffaele,
yes you need a scihub account, and only those signed before March 22nd will work.
As you can read on scihub site:
"the API Hub Access is currently available only for users registered on SciHub before the 22nd of March 02:00 UTC. "


Thanks Olivier,
I have not an account on the API hub, so as pointed out by @jegrix I found I can download single tiles from Amazon AWS.
Unfortunately, even after dowloading all the content of the tile directory in AWS I could not open the data in SNAP, so I had to open the single bands JP2 files in ENVI.
Does anyone had a similar issue?

Individual tiles can not be open SNAP as it only supports the “whole” image/folder with proper .xml metadata file. Inside that image individual tiles can be missing.

Great Olivier. :slight_smile:

Another thing, I’m not sure if you’re interested but there would be two things I think which would be nice for the tool. I would implement them for myself but maybe it’d be also good for someone else:

  1. If you query (without download) a lot of products, the cmd window gets flooded (not sure if that’s entirely a windows problem) … so maybe a line in the end could specify how many products meet the query conditions and would be ready for download.

  2. Sometimes it would be beneficial to specify multiple vertices of an AOI polygon instead of just the rectrangular lat/lon min/max. I know there are some limitations to how many lat/lon pairs can be specified, but especially for AOIs with a specific shape (like country borders) it could reduce the amount of unnecessary downloaded scenes.

But anyways as I said, I’m a big fan of your tool! :smile:

Thanks for your work.



Hi Jegrix,
the new version should overcome this, and the downloaded tiles should now open in Snap.
We are currently testing for Sen2cor (and we had to download also the DATASTRIP files)

Dear val,
Thanks for the nice comments. Remember you are welcome to contribute, the github platform is made for it.
On my side, I guess I have spent enough time on it.

Could you please tell me on which line and which correction you applied.
I cannot test it on wndows,

Ok, if I have something I’m happy to contribute. I hope my coding is up to the standards :wink:

As for my change (line number refers to the version as of right now on gitub) :

176: value="$value" instead of value="\\$value"

I guess that’s all



Hi Val, Hi all,
It should be working now, I have updated the Sentinel-download tool so that it can download a single tile and still work with Snap and Sen2cor (under linux at least…)
You may wait after the week-end to use it :wink:

Hi to all,
We have started to use the API to download individual tiles from the scihub. Previously I used amazon quite a lot but it is not always up to date (reprocessed products not always added, defective products not always removed).
Something we noticed after switching from AWS to scihub: many downloaded files are corrupted and we have to download them one more time. I never had this problem with AWS.
Anyone had the same experience ?


There is also a version of wget for windows.