Downloading Sentinel 1 data of an entire Country

I need to work with all the sentinel 1 data of a country covering January 2017 to December 2018. Please suggest me the most appropriate way to download all the data. Moreover, I have found out that Sentinel 1 data are no longer online, so how can I solve that issue?

In the following post I explained how to use ASF VERTIX to download S-1 images, it is possible to search by polygon covers your country AOI and then add the requested images to the basket, later on select the optimum method for you, of downloading for instance via python script, it’s an option.

Source of the post

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I could not find all the SAR data in ASF VERTIX that were available in Is there any other way to download all the data?

Please keep continue in one place posting to easier follow the issue, I did answer you under other thread,