Drawing vectors

I’ve been creating several vector data container but I’m in trouble to manage the drawing of vector properly. How do I choose the proper container for a vector? , how do I change of container?

first you create the containers grafik

then you open the Layer Manager grafik

then you expand “Vector data”, your containers (here class1…) should be there. The folder “Vector data” must be selected.

When this is selected, SNAP will ask you which container to digitize once select a digitizing tool grafik and you click in the map



nice , thank you very much Andreas

I still in trouble wth my vectors. once I finished drawing a container and wanted to draw another one, I remain in the previous one ,SNAP does not ask me anything.

It will if you again click on “Vector data” in the Layer manager. You have to do this every time.

Tthanks again Andreas, can I stop my session , save it somewhere with all my drawned vectors and restart again later?

If you save your product (Menu>File>Save Product), the vectors are stored as well.

I have never worked with Projects or Sessions in SNAP and for me personally, it didn’t work very well. But you can try saving/loading them as well (under Menu > File).

:ok_hand:. thank you!!!