DX Dy wind field estimation

Hai, i’ve processed wind field estimation and get this table, but some value of dx and dy is same. It make the wind direction same. Is it fine result or is it error or have i done something mistake ? Thankyou

how does the result look within SNAP?

sorry, i just reach the computer (using lab computer to process)…
here the result within SNAP…

and I want to ask, previously I ask about hot to extract wind direction with dx and dy data. you have answered at Export wind field estimation but when I open the qgis, the rules of atan2 is Y coordinate different first, but you tell me to use dx first. which one should I use ?

thank you

Could be a mistake of mine, so dy comes first.

Your result looks a bin monotonous, you can try different parameters to get more realistic results.

Oke sir, thank you for your advice