Enhanced spectral diversity for Sentinel-1 stack

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Since 5-th version of snap it became possible to co-register the whole stack of Sentinel images at once using back-geocoding operator. However, if I apply an ESD to this co-registered stack, only first slave image will be processed and all others will become empty.
Is it planned to make ESD operator support stacks of images?

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Thank you for pointing out the problem. The original ESD did not support stack. Now the problem has been fixed. Thanks.


I created a stack of the images by back-geocoding option, now I get an error when I want to run the Enhanced Spectral Diversity. Can I skip this step or is necessary? I’m using Sentinel 1A images and have 4 stacks each containing 12 images back-geocoded on the same master.
This is the error
A problem occurred during the target product processing
Type: Operator Exception
Message: 0

If you only selected one single burst, you don’t need ESD:

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Thanks ABraun. I got the same error for de-bursting too. does that mean that I don’t need to de-burst too? because I think de-bursting removes the margins of the sub-swath so I believe this is a necessary step even though I’m using a single burst.

yes, debursting is needed in any case, even if only one burst was used.


In the SNAP I got this graph to merge the sub-swaths.

I am confused to see that can we process without ESD for TOPSAR-merge?

the ESD operator was added to SNAP after this graph was included. So you can add it after each BackGeocoding.

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What may I lose if I processed the data without ESD?

coregistration accuracy between the different bursts

You could manually calculate one interferogram of 3 selected bursts with and without ESD to compare if it makes a mentionable difference in your case.

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Can you please explain which product should I use in TOPSAR split 1 and TOPSAR split 2?

Can I use TOPSAR merge after producing Interferogram one by one?

Each of the three TOPS Split operators takes one sub swath of the input product.

Writing the interferograms first and applying Merge outside the graph makes sense.
Especially when you are new to SAR processing, using graphs is not a big help and rather confusing.

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Error: [NodeId: Enhanced-Spectral-Diversity\ Operator ‘SpectralDiversityOp’: Unknown element ‘u seSuppliedShifts’

want to use it in python 2 you

018 at 17.51

org. jblas INFO
I am receiving this error for snap version 9.0.6. How do i fix?