Error applying Enhance Spectral Diversity tool

I processed the follow images:

When I performed “S1 enhanced spectral diversity” tool to the product of Back Geocoding, there was an error .

I am using SNAP 8.0 (updated version and plugins) and Windows 10 with intel i7.

Thanks in advance!!

The screen shot seems to omit the critical lines in the error report. Please attach the actual log file to your post. It is much easier to respond to posts that provide log files or paste excerpts of the log file as text because we can include snippets of text in our responses.

If you only extracted one burst during TOPS Split (I cannot see it from the screenshot, but it looks like in the WorldView window) you cannot apply ESD.

Thanks gnwii and ABraun…

The log file is attached…

IW2_range_shifts.json (56 Bytes)

IW2_range_shifts.json is not a log file. The previous screen capture showed some lines from an error log, but omitted the useful part (usually near the top). Please look in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\var\log.

Looks like one single burst to me, so the ESD operator cannot be applied, because it reduces shifts between adjacent bursts. Please check its description in the documentation.
You can directly proceed with interferogram formation and deburst.

Thank you again for the help…

Yes, I extracted one burst during TOPS Split. And finally I found my log files…

messages.log (74.4 KB) messages.log.1 (67.5 KB)

you cannot apply ESD to a single burst:
So you can simply skip this step and proceed.

Thanks ABraun… I will do the process burst by burst, particularly since “S-1 Back Geocoding” doesn’t works with 2 bursts (the program just hangs up in 3%).

sorry, initially you stated that ESD is your problem.

The error in BackGeocoding has been discussed (and partially solved here): SRTM ZIP-files are corrupted or not found

Please switch to SRTM 1Sec HGT (AutoDownload) or change the path to the SRTM 3Sec data as described in the post.

Thank you Andreas, yes… initially my problema was ESD but also was BackGeocoding, and that’s how I solved it (using SRTM 1 Sec HGT) and now, thanks to you, I know the reason.
Best wishes