Error in SNAP

Hi everyone,
I have recently been working in the SNAP program.
I generate interferograms from two satellite images (SLC) Sentinel 1.
But often during processing in the program appear errors that prevent me from further work.
The most common errors are:
Java heap spatial.
GP overhead limit exceeded.
Content is not allowed in prolog.

I have no idea what they result from and how I can eliminate them.
Can any of you help me?
I will be grateful for any help.


please have a look at this answer: Java heap Error

How do we solve the “Content is not allowed in prolog” issue?

Regarding the prolog error.
Is this thread helping?

Hi, yes it did help for this error, thank you.
Then I got to the next one, requiring modifications to the (Using mask file with KMeansClusterAnalysis in python).
Trying to solve that currenly.

I thought that was already fixed. But I did now (SNAP-1056). Will be included in the next release.