error "No appropriate product reader found" that they recommend me thanks


that is the image

I just realized that the process in sen2cor does not reach 100% because the add-on is badly installed?

give it a try from the command line as described in the link I posted above. It’s so much easier.

I downloaded your image and typed

L2A_Process S2B_MSIL1C_20180708T143749_N0206_R096_T19HCD_20180708T193926.SAFE
L2A_Process --resolution 20 S2B_MSIL1C_20180708T143749_N0206_R096_T19HCD_20180708T193926.SAFE
L2A_Process --resolution 60 S2B_MSIL1C_20180708T143749_N0206_R096_T19HCD_20180708T193926.SAFE

If you wait until each process is finished, you get a folder
which is approximately 1.2 GB and contains the corrected bands

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I just realized that the process in sen2cor does not reach 100% because the add-on is badly installed?

what version of the software do you use

SNAP 6 and sen2cor 2.5.5

I listed the instructions for a clean install of sen2cor: Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0

the folder L2A_Process.bat 'is located within the same program or by the folders of disk C?

that totally depends on where you downloaded and extracted the sen2cor files.

download it from the same snap

downloaded from here:

Do I have to install snap again?

no, just make sure you have the latest version of SNAP (6) and follow the steps I linked above

it’s fine thank you very much

it has to be only with sen2cor 2.4 ??

I have not been able to open the product that the process gives me in sen2cor. Can you send me the image already processed?

no, it is always good to use the latest version available. The instructions I posted above were written when sen2cor 2.4 was the latest version but they still apply for 2.5.5

Do you get any error messages when running sen2cor?
How large is the folder of your output product?
Did you open it with the MTD file?

It is the MDT file that does not let me open, I get a message that says "no tiles attached to the product

Then sen2cor did not finish successfully

And what can that be?

still unanswered: