Errors using Orfeo Toolbox

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get familiar with the Orfeo Toolbox in order to understand how the different segmentation options work, since I will need to segment images for my work. So, I am completely new to OTB.

I tried using the tool for segmentation-cc, giving as input a stack of layers from Landsat8. However, I get some errors that I don’t know how to interpret.
First, when I try to run the tool, I get this:

If I press OK, another window opens, with more detailed parameters to set. Then, if I don’t change any of the options and just press OK again, I get this message:

Anyone has got any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for your help,

You can’t run OTB modules in SNAP without installing the OTB executables first.
Therefore SNAP asks you where they are.
OTB_BIN_DIR and the path to the corresponding module have to be set first.

But aren’t all the OTB executables installed together with all SNAP and the toolboxes?

no, they need to be installed seperately.

Please see here:

Thank you for your reply.
I had found the post but I thought it was old. I will follow those instructions and see if everything works fine. I will let you know!

Hi! I do not know if you have solved this problem but I found a solution: you need to create a Environment variable called OTB_BIN_DIR and as value put the full path to the bin folder of orpheo.

What kind of functionalities of OTB are you using? We should probably port the segmentation-algorithms into SNAP to make things easier for users…

as long as the segmentation output is a raster, it is pretty unusable in SNAP for ongoning analyses.

However, having the segments as a vector which would then allow polygon-wise raster statistics could be interesting.

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What other Orfeo functionalities are people frequently using? I think we should avoid creating dependencies to an external software so it would be best to port the most widely used things into SNAP itself.

I agree. I think you have quite a lot of other plans with SNAP and I see nothing wrong in using SNAP outcomes in other software as well . I personally would rather stick to the core funcitionalities and try to improve them instead of, as you say, becoming dependent from external packages. If they work as adapters, this is fine.
OTB Pan-sharpening is a good addition to the tools of SNAP however…

Hi ,
I have the same problem when I use pan-sharpening,Ireally applied all the steps published in this forum but without result, hope there is any help

in snap 6 and OTB

have you defined the location of the OTB executables in the tool settings?

how can I define them?

you have to enter the directories here:

it is explained here: Error with OTB segmentation-meanshift

yes, I defined the directory as it is

but I have this message

are you sure you have installed the latest version of the plugin? I see no “Target Product” tab in your screenshot.

Please follow the instructions here: Beta OTB Adapters available