Export files and functionality

Dear all,

I can´t export data neither in Tiff, nor in GeoTiff format?
Apart from that, after several runing and exiting SNAP, I get this message
although it was working fine for first 2-3 times. To be able to start SNAP again I have to uninstal it first, and again instal it. :frowning:
Any idea, comment?
Thanks in advance for the answer.


P.S. Is it possible to download Sentinel-2 L1B product? If possible, where and how?

CORRECTION - I can´t export data neither to GeoTIFF, nor to GeoTIFF/BigTIFF.

About Tiff/GeoTiff export, it stays at 0% for a long time which can be misleading. What is the exact behaviour of SNAP when you try to export the Sentinel-2 product and what are you trying to do (save a L1C product with 10m bands, etc)?

Your other message is related to this post: SNAP beta 06 release

Concerning the export thing: GeoTIFF is processed, but the result is a TIFF file of 0 KB.
GeoTIFF/BigTIFF stayes at 0% for a real long time so I stop it by myself after some time waiting.

Tnx, I will have a look for the second answer.

And if you could just tell me about L1B products, if they are available or not?
Thank you once again.


BTW, yes, I am trying to export S2 L1C product (of any resolution) to GeoTIFF.

Dear Milos,

We re-did some tests and GeoTIFF/BigTIFF export seems to be working. Could you please tell us more about the context:

  • What is your hardware and OS
  • Estimation of time it stayed at 0%
  • What product are you using: name, size, level (BRIEF, STANDARD, EXPERT)
    Also, the log in .snap/etc of your home directory would be very useful.
    Thank you very much in advance.


Dear Nicolas,

I´ve tried again and this time GeoTIFF/BigTIFF is working. Waiting time of 0% is no more than 2-3 minutes.
Not sure what happened last time.
I apologize for my mislead. :frowning:


Dear Nicolas,

On the other hand, I guess it is still not working complitely right. After the GeoTIFF/BigTIFF processing is over, I´ve tried to open it in SNAP and only bands no. 1, 9 and 10 can be opened. Band no. 7 gets open but there is nothing to be seen. For the rest (bands 2,3,4,5,6,8,8a,11,12) I get this message

I´ve also tried to open this tiff in QGIS but it keeps processing for a really long time without showing it on the screen.


Hi Milos,
We’ve also been exporting Sentinel-2 data to GeoTIFF/BigTIFF format and then importing into QGIS. There are problems caused by the large file sizes. Keep an eye out for an icon appearing in the bottom right hand corner of the toolbox, as we’ve found a zero sized file is associated with an error message saying the output size is too big. We’ve been subsetting the data to deal with this.

The error your mentioning in your latest post is probably because you’re putting bands with different spatial resolutions into the same GeoTIFF file, which the GeoTIFF format is not designed to deal with.

Best Wishes, Sam

Dear Sam,

Thank you for the answer. Yes, you are right about the latest error. I was putting all the resolutions together, I didn´t pay attention. It is working fine this time and I am able to open all bands.
And concerning the QGIS, after cca 30 min. I got an image on the screen, but the first time I tried to zoom in everything stopped working. It must be due to a large file size.


Yes, we tried to load a 1.5GB Geo into QGIS yesterday and the laptop froze. Best Wishes, Sam