Failure using Band Math operartor

I would like to add a band from an image with no spatial reference to another one that contains spatial information for applying, then, Range-Doppler Terrain Correction and georeferencing the first image according to the second one but it is impossible to add bands from distinct images. Do you have any other solution?

The images need to have at least the same size in order to use it with Band Maths.
So you need to subset or rescale your unreferenced image

They have exactly the same size but on the Band Math window there is no option for selecting the band of the uncoregistered image on the edit expression tab.

You don’t have this product chooser at the top?

No, that’s exactly what I’m trying to say. It doesn’t appear on this (Edit Expression) Tab the bar of products for helping me choosing bands from another product. It only appears the “Data sources” table with the Target product options.

Can you provide me the data? Tell me in a PM how to get it, if you can share.
Maybe I can look for the reason today or tomorrow.

The problem is that the external image is only 8101 lines high and the S1 product has 13562 lines.
Maybe you can add additional lines to the external image or you have to cut some lines from S1 product.
If the images have the same size in width and height the Band Maths should work.

If the external image would be georeferenced you could use the collocation tool to bring both together.

The S1 debursted data contains 2 bands. The band of 2016 is smaller and has almost the same size with the external image. When you say to cut lines from S1 product you mean to apply a special subset to the image in order to obtain the same dimensions with the external file, right?

Thank you

Yes. That’s what I meant. The rasters muss be equal in size in order that the band math can work on it.

Unfortunately, I applied a subset on the S1 file so that the 2 images (S1 & external one) have the same size but the main problem must be of SNAP because it still not appear the bar of Product selection on the the Edit Expression Window.