Getting out of memory error while doing snaphu export

hi team,
I’m doing the Land Displacement process by using the sentinel-1, while doing the snaphu export I’m getting the ‘Out of Memory’ error, I tried so many times and ways but still the result is same could you please help me to overcome that.

This is the process I’m following
1.Back Geocoding
3.TOPSAR Deburst
5.GoldStein Phase filtering
6.SNAPHU Export
7.SNAPHU Import
8.Phase To Displacement.

please help me,I’m getting difficult here.
Thank you in advance.

Did you implement apply orbit as the first step, and the TOPSAR split.

In case yes, what are the properties of your machine?

Please take a look at this thread,

Processing S1 data

the screenshot says “out of memory” which explains your problem.

Your computer cannot process the amounts of data. You either need more RAM or make a smaller subset of your data.

As mentioned by ABraun, try taking a subset. If that is not an option, you will need to either purchase more RAM for your machine, or try increasing your pagefile size on Windows.

thank you everyone for your quick response.

Maybe you can split only one poliraztion (vh/vv) when TOPS SPLIT step.