Gpt keeps running without result

HI everone ,
recent when i process 5 images to generate interferograms , I use GPT command with a XML file of generating interferogram ,I think 5 images are not too large to process ,but after waiting a whole day ,the GPT console just show the information belowimage
and keeping stuck in this step with no more result .I check the cahce file in .snap/var, finding it is empty .then I check the resource manager .it shows like this, image
the GPT not use half of memory .
when i try to use GUI to do this process, I think I got the same trouble .the processing bar keeps stuck in 4%. So could any one help me about this? I am really confused ,by the way sometimes when i use gpt ,it works well like apply orbit ,split.but sometimes it is hard to use GPT to do anything .
my configuration: RAM 32G 2T Mobile HDD
I set the snap.confg

and my GUI performance setting

I use latest SNAP and windows 10 64bit

I think I find the issue. It is something wrong with my mobile HDD, after I moved my file into ‘D’, it works.,but I still don’t know why.The HDD is tested good.

External drives often have problems. What filesystem does it use?

Sorry for late reply. My filesystem is NTFS,botth of system disk and external drives .

NTFS should work, but it is somewhat fragile when used with external drives as it can be confused by disconnects and USB glitches caused by poorly written drivers, power problems, or low quality cables and USB chipsets. Such problems are generally not reproducible, but can result in a corrupt filesystem. Have a look at “Reliability Monitor” for problems, then check the drive for hardware issues. Some vendors provide drive test software for their drives. Better quality external drives support the S.M.A.R.T drive self-testing and monitoring protocol. You can install smartmontools and get more detailed information about the drive health.

Some newer disk enclosures have low-output power supplies or get power
from the USB bus and are not capable of handling the heavy disk usage of some data-intensive remote sensing workflows, so appear to work fine until given a data-intensive task.

Once you have ruled out a disk drive failure, use Windows chkdsk to check and repair the filesystem.

This was an issue in one of the updates.
Gpt command line hang - s1tbx - STEP Forum (
But actually it is solved. Have you updated SNAP?

yes,SNAP is newest. actually after I tested my drvie completely as what @gnwiii told me .there are something wrong with my drvie. I think it is broken,even the related software tested it good. I will try to read file with a new drvie and check out if it is the problem with hardware issue.