GPT slc convert to GRD by xml

Sorry, I don’t get it.
Of course producing a GRD product from the SLC should always work but if you are applying a graph you lose control over the results of the intermediate steps.
Again, if your intention is water mapping, downloading GRDs directly should be the quicker way. And for all InSAR tasks you use SLC.

hello , I process the slc data to grd using xml above.
but find one data(164/ process error.
so I using the GRD data (/164/ to instead the slc data . this GRD i process by other xml as attachmentsGRD_post_process.xml (4.1 KB)

At last, I want to merge all data to one tif and I find some gaps, I think this may can help you to find why slc to GDR by xml is falied.