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I am trying to implement a process I do munally into the graph builder, my goal is to use a biophysical operator “LAI” and integrate it in a formula with other bands for agriculture purposes.
Whan I do it manually, it works perfectly, but when I design the process in the graoh builder, I get the error in the snapshot.

You will find my graph attached also.

Do you have an idea on what is the issue ?

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This issue is discussed here,

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There’s no writer after any of the bandmath operators. You should not try to make everything happen in a single graph.

Thanks for the replies guys.

OK so 2 more questions :slight_smile:

  1. I need to put a write after one of the bandmaths for example and then do a band merge with the biophysical operators ? But i thought that nothing should be before “Read” and after “Write” ?

  2. I took of the “subset” for both processes, in order to make sure that dimensions are the same, but still doesn’t work

I don’t think its to complicated meaning I would need to split it into 2 graphs ?