GraphBuilder Error: org.esa.snap.core.gpf.graph.GraphException

Dear all,

I have a problem, that I can’t solve even after extensive search in the forum. Maybe the question is trivial, but I’m new to SNAP and just can’t work my head around this issue.
When I try to build a graph according to the steps described in this topic: Efficient computation of LAI (or NDVI) the error org.esa.snap.core.gpf.graph.GraphException pops up. How am I able to solve this? It would really be helpful to be able to do the processing in a batch.

Many thanks

Can you attach the log file, please? You can find it by selecting from the menu Help / Show Log Directory. Make sure to reproduce the error first and then attach the messages.log file.

Maybe Sen2Cor is the problem. I’m not sure if it works within Graph Builder at all.

Hey @marpet

Thanks for your reply and for looking into it. I attached the messages.log.1 (88.1 KB) file. From the fact that I can batch other operations without problems I suspected in the meanwhile that it is simply not possible with Sen2cor. It would still help in the future, I have quite a couple more atmospheric corrections to conduct. Thanks for the efforts.



have you found any solution for this task?
I am facing the same problem/error.
It would help me a lot. Thank you for your efforts.

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I think there is currently no workaround. If you want to perform sen2cor on several products it is best to do it from the command line. Write a command line script which processes one by one. You can then use this output as input for further processing with SNAP and the Graph Builder.

i have a similar error, i need help. have you found a solution?
this is the file xml sbas_topsar_coreg.xml (3.2 KB) @marpet

maybe i have the problem in this part?

I am having the same error with SEN-ET plugin, when using a graph.

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