How are the incidence_near and incidence_far calculated


How are the incidence_near and incidence_far (present in the Abstracted_Metadata of a Sentine-1 product) computed?

I cannot find any trace of these two attributes inside the Sentinel-1 zip file. The only attributes in the metadata that seem to be related to these two are the incidenceAngleMidSwath, and the incidenceAngle array.
Are they calculated from these attributes?

I need to understand how are they calculated in order to get the Incidence Angle in any point of the image.


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Incidence angle for every pixel is already there in the tie point grids.
This is from where that is calculated.

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@lveci I have one question.

How can I extract incidence angle for exact pixels?
Can I somehow extract incidience angle like geotif or something?

You can go to band maths and create a new non-virtual band. In the expression just add the name of the incidence angle tie point grid. You’ll have a new band with the incidence angle per pixel. Export this to Geotiff. In the export you can press the subset button and select only the new band so that your output only has that band.


would you please explain more on how to extract incident angle. I created the new band but couldnt continue.

Hello Louis,
I tried to export the incidence angle band (from band maths) to Geotiff. However, the exported file is 0 KB.
I’m trying to get the incidence angle for specific coordinates. So I was wondering if there’s way to calculate or check that in SNAP.
After terrain correction, there are no tile-point grids in the image. I found the incidence angle array in the Metadata (annotation) but I had difficulty exporting and interpreting it.


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