How to get an orbit file

I am trying to apply an orbit file to the May Sentinel-1 image. I get “no valid orbit file” and am told to download from but do not have valid authentication credentials for the target resource. My allowed functions on my copernicus login are download and search.

I have the same problem:

this portal is openly accessible after free registration. You can freely download the orbit data afterwards

I registered years ago and can download Sentinel-1 imagery. I cannot get to gnss/odata/v1 though?

These are two different sites

They require separate registration accordingly.

I understand there is a not-so-secret simple username and password that can be used to download the Sentinel-1 orbits from the site. I don’t know anyone who registered with that site.

How to register for gnss? It suggests gnssguest but gives no password?

You are right, something seems strange.
According to the FAQs it is not yet in full operation. But the alternative link is no longer valid. I’s really a mess…

Copernicus Sentinel-1 orbital products are available via the Copernicus Sentinels POD Data Hub. Until this service is in full operation, past orbit files can be downloaded from the Sentinel 1 Auxiliary data

The problem was that none of the persons responsible for SNAP was informed that the location of orbit files changed in March 2021. Since then, there are lots of problems. 90% are solved by installing the latest version (including all updates → 8.0.4), but there are also cases where this did not lead to success: Orbit file timeout (March 2021)

Is there a reason to believe some of these cases are SNAP-related, or is the issue most probably internet or Copernicus POD Hub related?

I see no systematic pattern here (yet). Sometimes the updates failed or did not correctly change the orbit url, sometimes the server did not respond, sometimes it was related to the firewall or operating system.