How to plot H/alpha plane

Hi every one,

I am using Sentinel-1A SLC data for polarimetric classification. I got classified results by using Dual Wishart classification.
And now I want to lot H/alpha plane.

Could you guys please guide me how to plot h/alpha plane in SNAP? I have tried to do polarimetric decomposition but this step requires the full polarimetric product.

Many thanks!

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run the H/alpha dual-pol decomposition


Then you select the image and open the H/alpha plane plot grafik and click “Refresh View” grafik

Some remarks on the use of H/alpha based on dual-pol data:

Thank you very much for your help! I am following your instruction.

Dear Andreas,

I attempt to use pre-processed Sentinel-1 IW SLC dataset (VV and VH bands) to conduct Polarimetric Matrix Generation and Polarimetric Decomposition. However, I got error massage says: “Input should be a polarimetric product”. Also, the “Refresh View” button is grayed out, could you please advise on this issue?

Please see my screenshot below:

Thank you very much in advance!

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“polarimetric” in this case means that all four polarization channels are required: HH+HV+VH+VV
But Sentinel-1 is dual-pol only (VV+VH). There is a dual-pol decomposition in the dropdown menu, but some decompostitions or polarimetric operators will not work with Sentinel-1 data.

Please have a look at this post, where we discussed what is possible with Sentinel-1 and to what extent it makes sense: H-Alpha Plane Problems