How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP


No, I have not.

Oh yeah, I have read that, it really helps to process quicker your data.

But, from what I understood, the only difference in the processing chain is the “enhance spectral diversity” step.
Else if, it seems that I have exactly done the same path.


Well, the dispersion comes from the APS of the slaves.
I have compared SNAP derived interferograms with StaMPS and other software and results were similar. With Sentinel-1 the issue comes on the APS, which should be taken carefully into account.

Had you done anything to reduce it?


No, I did not.
I assumed there was no effect because my area of study is flat, South Alsatian plane, and small, less than 50 km per 50 km.
So, yes, may be this assumption is not right.

But, I did not applied the ESD step, what is the impact of missing this step?


The Netherlands is also really flat, but atmosphere believe me affects the results.

That means, atmosphere only can be neglected if the area covers few Km2 (1km x 1km or 2km x 2km) or big deformation is expected (Earthquake events, or huge subsidence expected)
From my personal experience atmosphere matters, mainly when deformation to measure is small. If you measure deformation in the Mexico city center, atmosphere effects can be neglected.



It happened to me when I used the old way (using SNAP GUI). Now I’m using the snap2stamps pack made by @mdelgado and the latlon and dem inputs are always ok!


I am a freshman at SNAP&StaMPS. I have learned a lot from here, thank you all.
I successfully ran mt_prep_snap by cygwin64 (using a modified version provided by someone else on the web). But after running mt_prep_snap, the matlab automatically jumped out, said ""Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: \StaMPS-4.1-beta\matlab:

After that, I opened the matlab from the terminal and show as the second picture.

I don’t know what to do. I hope that someone can help me,please . Thank you very much.
ps. my matlab is R2016a in windows


The link does not work for me too, please share another link.
Alternatively, can I share my email for you to send?


Your screenshots are too small to be readable.


I am also stuck here with no two similar bands. How did you overcome the challenge?
When exporting to STAMPS “The product … already contains a band named…”


I had this once because I mixed up a step in the preparation. As I properly did all steps again (only use one polarization to go sure), it worked. I don’t know where it came from but if you stick to the presented order, it shouldn’t happen.


Hi,my StaMPS is also under cygwin64,may I need install a unix matlab under cygwin64


Thank ou for the response. Let me repeat because I actually created the subsets as the second step meaning I mixed up the steps. I will give the feedback let me repeat.


I need your help,my matlab is also a windows version,can i use it under cygwin64,if i can,what i need to do about matlab


the changelog text indicate we should change the work drive,does “the work drive”means matlab install path?


hello mengdahl~

Thank U very much


I can use matlab with cygwin64 too.
BUT when I cd to my data catalog then call matlab, it cannot execute…
so I can’t answer your question sor.


you have to navigate to the directory where you exported the files. Based on your screenshot, you are in a different directory. It’s the one conaining PATCH_1 which was generated by mt_prep_gamma.


Hi Bayzidul,
Can we graph process our data upto stamps export?
I have 10 inteferograms generated from Sentinel1 data and want PS InSAR processing.


If you have both master-slave amplitude stack and the master-slave interferogram with the elevation mask and the orthorectified latitude and longitude bands in the output, then yes, you can. Otherwise you are not compliant with the input requirements for the StaMPS export operator.

Otherwise you can try to use the snap2stamps package ( with does all the pre-stamps processing for you (only the master splitting has to be done manually using the SNAP GUI). See thread: Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow


Hello, thank you for your suggestion.
I found a solution of this problem.!topic/mainsar/MDMV9yXDl1g
But it’s too simple, I can’t understand how to execute. I have done creat a startup.m and addpath, but I don’t know how to correct “the call of matlab scrip” or my patch01 data path?
Thank you very much