How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP


Thank you @mdelgado

After to fixed the problem, i have result, but my stack contain 5 image and 4 interferogram, i can see the result is wrong, i will process a stack with 20 image to obtain result better.

In my time series, the displacement is 800mm i dont believe it.


Dear all,
I am using StaMPS 4.1 and I can’t run ps_plot for Sentinel-1 data because Matrix dimensions must agree. I found an error like this

Can anyone help me or give the correct matlab script specifically for sentinel 1 ?


Hello, @FeiLiu

To know the absolute values of displacement in PSI, ¿is it necessary to know a point (such as a level bank) from which its displacement is known with different measurement techniques such as GNSS and then make the correction to all PSI with respect to the point of reference as in the DinSAR technique?


Yes, you are right. You should have at least one ground point to konw the absolute value.


I still spend very much time at the deburst step. @katherine’s post is created in March 2017. Over time, any other solutions found to the problem? Or, do you still apply the same solution? Thank you.