How to Save a Virtual Band obtained from BandMath?

I have used the bandmath on my SAR data, and obtained a new band demonstrated as a Virtual band in Sentinel1 toolbox. Since I would like to work specifically on that band, I need to export it to tiff or hdr, but it doesn’t get saved (virtual band). How can I independently save it and work on?


Additionally you can use the Subset tool to extract the band of interest into a separate ‘product’ which you then can either further process or export.




or create a graph with bandselect and then a writer to GeoTiff

Thanks for your good comments!
Regardless of exporting the band in geotiff, I am wondering after the “filteration” or “bandmath” operations, even though the virtual band was converted, I can’t find the new bands independently saved in the main product folder! How do I save them in the product folder?


for me it works when you select the whole dataset and klick file > save in the menu.

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yeah, now it’s working. Thanks a lot!