How to stack deramped SAR images in SNAP 7.0?

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I’m using the official release of SNAP (7.0.0). I see no available updates.

Using this version, the back geocoding module looks like this :


In appearance, nothing changed compared to SNAP version 6. Should it be an additional option ? Did I do something wrong?

The results are, the real and imaginary parts of the master and slave image, with an additional band related to the deramped and demodulated phase of the slave image. Note that the master and slave images are NOT deramped.

Using @nuno.miranda’s document (equ. 15), I am able to deramp the slave image. But I notice this phase band can also deramp the master images.

Deramped slave

Deramped master

For information, I performed exactly what was done here : Deramping TOPSAR SLC data. In the topic, I notice that the deramp was not working for the master. But now with SNAP 7 it seems it works

The modified code has been checked in to GitHub. You can get it from there and build your snap again.

Meaning I have to re-build SNAP from sources if I understand well ?

That’s right

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Is the output of deramp and demod phase required for interferometric generation

No, for interferogram generation you can use the output of backgeocoding directly

Thank you @jun_lu