Importing from SNAP into Arc desktop


I’ve created some glacier velocity maps in S1TBX and exported them as geotiff files so I can put them into Arc. However when I load the velocity into arc its in the wrong position. so I have two questions:

  1. how can I get it into the right place?

  2. is there a way I can overlay the velocity map over the slave imagery in SNAP itself?

Thanks in advance

  1. Have you applied Range Doppler Terrain Correction before exporting the image?
  2. You can use the Layer Manager to display multiple layers within one product. Simply click on the + sign, then “Image Of Band \ Tie-Point-Grid” and then select the one you want to add.

So I tried Range Doppler Terrain correction on the velocity output and got the error Java Heap Space. I’m using the same DEM as before (external as the preset DEMs don’t cover the site). As for the second part, I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Do I need to rerun all the steps? as I just loaded the velocity into snap and tried it and had nothing.


  1. java heap space is memory related. How much RAM does your computer have?
  2. “It doesn’t work” gives me little information to understand your problem.

Did the offset tracking module produce a valid result (before the terrain correction)?
To be able to load two rasters at once with the Layer Manager, you need to have both of them within one product. As far as I remember, this is the case for offset tracking.

  1. I thought so, i’m not 100% sure as its a departmental computer (Dell Precision Tower 7910) but a quick search suggests installed size: 64 GB and 256 max (i’m sorry I can’t help more).

  2. As in, I tried the ‘add layer’ and then ‘Image Of Band \ Tie-Point-Grid’ and the choices were the bands within that product.

From comparisons to other velocity data sets the offset tracking did create an accurate result. How do you get both rasters into one product? As each step of the tutorial I followed ( created products.

if the backscatter intensity is no longer in the product (I might have mistaken that) with the velocity, you can use the collocate module to bring both together. Then you can combine them in the Layer Manager

It is explained here where to look and get the amount of RAM installed in your computer:
If it’s really 64 GB, memory should not be a problem. An explanation on how to increase the memory heap size of SNAP is given here: S2 export into tiff - NaturalRGB or Falso color infrared RGB
If you have 654 GB you can easily enter 32G for -Xmx