Interferometery using Capela satellite imagery

Hi everyone,

Currently I am trying to produce an interferometry work using imagery from capella satellite and as I was trying to ‘Stack overview and Optimal InSAR master selection’ an error occur saying that the Dopler Centroid Coefficients not found. So my question is, does this capella data are not compatible for the interferometry work using SNAP application or did I missing some important step.

Thank you.

Capella data is not yet fully integrated into SNAP. We encourage all users to raise the need for implementation of sensors in SNAP to the providers of the data so they can support the development of respective import functionalities.

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They might have made some changes recently, but my understanding is that Capella SAR satellites are not operated in exact-repeat orbits with small baselines that would allow SAR interferometry. I have never seen a Capella SAR interferogram made by anybody.


Thanks for sharing this info this is useful keep it up.