java.lang.NullPointerException for assembled S1 products

Looks like the error related to Thermal Noise Removal is still present for products assembled using S1 Slice Assembly. Noise removal works for the individual products. Products were assembled using the same version of SNAP (SNAP v6.0.1 and S1TBX v6.0.2).

S1 products:

P.S. tried the individual Thermal Noise Removal operator as well as SLC>GRD graph. Fails for both. When using SLC>GRD graph:

Error: [NodeId: TOPSAR-Deburst] java.lang.NullPointerException

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This was also mentioned in the issue titled Error while running thermal noise removal and supposedly fixed recently. Althought that thread was not specifically on slice-assembled products.

Anyways, I am also seeing this error, on Linux (docker, debian) with the most recent SNAP 6.0.


but after updating the modules, the error is gone.

I believe this error still exists, but only when processing SM scenes. Can someone else confirm/contradict?