L1C to L2A characteristics


I downloaded S2 L1C (L2A not availble) and L2A images and want to process the L1C to L2A. I used the plugin Sen2Cor but I don’t fully understand the processing parameters and the values I should enter : for example for Wv correction, Vis update mode, Wv watermask, cirrus correction, Brdf correction, altitude (default value = 0.1), Wv thres cirrus. What is related to the terrain correction? Is the dem reference enough?
If anyone has detailed information/advice, I would be glad !
In fact, I downloaded one image in both L1C and L2A, to get all the parameters right for the others L1C images (and being comparable to others L2A images).

I know my questions must be quite simple but as I am new to these softwares so please be understanding.


You can find some documents about sen2cor here:

and the ATBD here:

In the “Sentinel-2 Level 2A Input Output Data Definition” you will find a description of the GIPP parameters.

Thank you, I missed that indeed.