LAI Calculation

Hello everyone, I am a new user of Sentinel 2. I want to calculate LAI from Sentinel 2 in ArcGIS. So can someone give me the equation or link for how to calculate LAI using which bands. Please help me.

Why not using SNAP to compute LAI? It is already there.


for the S2 biophysical variables estimation, they are used neural networks in SNAP. The documentation is available here:

Thanks for the replies. I installed SNAP but failed to use properly. In my lab no one is using SNAP, so that no one can help me when I m in trouble. There is not enough tutorials to use SNAP in different analysis. So I request all the SNAP users to make more tutorial in different aspects and upload, then we the learners will be helpful.

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What did you mean by “failed to use properly”? What did you try to do with SNAP and what was your problem?