Land Cover Band

I’m working on data from Sentinel-3 and everything is fine, but when I add a land cover band (CCILand_Cover-2015), Snap does not visualize the image. The values are shown in the colour manipulation window but not the frequency section.

Is that a bug or I missed some steps during the work?

This is the error that SNAP reports.

Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Can you click on Details and provide the information or go to the log file and attach it here, please. This would help.
But I think the landcover data could not be download.
@lveci Can you check this?

This is what’s inside the logfile and in the screen the details of the error. Thank you so much for your tima and help.

log.txt (59.3 KB)

So, it seems Google moved the data somewhere else, actually not Google, but the owner of the data bucket.
@oana_hogoiu, @kraftek can you check where this data is now located and update the CCILandCoverModelDescriptor?

Btw., you could have attached the log file. It is to much text for this thread. I moved the log text into a file and attached it.

Thanks for the advice. So can that be a problem caused by the download? I am attending a course on delay and data come from a drive, I have not tried to download data directly from esa but I can try and let you know.
Anyway, it seems also NDVI index cannot be visualized as the Land Cover Band.

Thank you so much!

No, you cannot remove the data from the google store.

NDVI should be possible. How have you computed the NDVI?

Actually in the original project it is possible to visualize the NDVI index (I have not computed that was already in the file I download), but if I try to do it in the subset reprojected I created that’s not possible anymore.