Leaf area index Sentinel2 L1C

Hi to everyone,
i wanted ask you if you know how to get LAI( leaf area index) in SNAP. Furthermore do you know how to cut an image with SNAP ? My aim is to exstract coastal line 5 km from sea and 5 km from land. Hope you can give me a solution. Thanks in advance.

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Hi gaetano,

to your first question about ‘LAI’: I never did it, but how about calculating an NDVI with a threshold value and divide it by the total area?

to your second question about ‘cut an image’: You can make a subset. You can see a detailed description here:


thank you Andreas,
i have to exstract coastal vegetation, is possible using ndvi? how i make to classify the vegetation with ndvi?

Hello Gaetano,

I would assume that you can use NDVI (Normalize Difference Vegetation Index) for your purpose. Or what exactly do you need?


My purpose is Identifying and extracting coastal vegetation using the SNAP Toolbox but I don’t know how to do this. thank you


See discussion in Calculate LAI( Leaf Area Index) from NDVI