Linux Installation using StaMPS and S-1 data

the displayed scale [mm/yr] is already the subsidence rate (regardless of wavelength and observation time).

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Dears is there a way to export LOS(time_serious_map)map from stamp in matlab in to ArcGIS software platform?

the easiest way is to export the points as kml (described here) and then import the kml into ArcMap.

Dear gomalhunzai,
Can you specify what the initial gamma threshold value is? It’s gamma_ stdev_ reject? I also encountered 0 PS selected initially in stamps (3,3)

good day. i am new to linux and also stamps. i am trying to call mt_prep_snap but its saying file not found. please what can i do

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thank you i will try it

the mt_prep_snap command not calling

There are a number of reasons the suggestion:

can fail. This can make it difficult to address your problem remotely.

You appear to using an external drive. Some systems configure external drive to block running executable. Some applications expect a standard linux filesytem and may be confused if yours is exFAT or NTFS format.

Some linux distributions or site configurations divide the ~/.bashrc into sections for interactive and non-interactive sessions. If yours has such sections you need to make sure you set the PATH in the correct place.

You have some directories with spaces in the name. Special care is needed to set the PATH if you have a space in the name of one of the directories:

PATH="/media/<user>/New Volume/.../bin:$PATH"

There are many good online references and tutorials (but also a lot of misinformation) for the linux command-line. You may find that a few hours spent studying linux command-line basics will be repaid quickly. Linux Command is a good place to start.

thank you for the reply. yes actually i am using an external drive because i don’t have enough space in my system hard disk. and for the external hard drive it is in NTFS format

i was able to call on the command after i rename the hard drive. thank you i really appreciate

this is what is currently showing me

It should be like this,
mt_prep_snap 20200121 /media/bilyamin/external/preprocessing/project/INSAR_20200121/ 0.4

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okay. thank you sir

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i dont know why the error in image 1 above and when i tried processing it in matlab i got that error in image 2 above

Try to install this StaMPS code, and rerun mt_prep_snap once.
dbekaert/StaMPS: Stanford Method for Persistent Scatterers (

this is what i have been seeing after trying so many time

It’s ok. Try to run mt_prep_snap command

@suribabu is till the same thing. here image 1 is the error i have getting while image 2 is my stamps_config i dont know if the problem is from there

Try this once, best post by @ABraun