Linux Installation using StaMPS and S-1 data

I have 12 interferograms

what is meaning that please help

This is just to export StaMPS path to .bashrc file. Whatever commands are present in the StaMPS/bin folder it will read automatically.
I think in your case, mt_prep_snap command is working (as per your terminal). No need to set.

Just check the folder once, you gave Documents/stamps/INSAR_master_data instead of Documents/InSAR/INSAR_master_data.

I think better to type pwd command in your working INSAR_master_data directory , then add that path to mt_prep_snap command

thank you for your reply and help
I try another time but i have

screen shot of INSAR_master_data

my work is true?

snap8 was used in preprocessing on windows and Iam using ubuntu 22 in processing PSI by stamps
I am new to stamps please help where is the wrongs

I try another time

how to solve the error please help

Please try this code once. Try to install first then run from mt_prep_snap onwards.

Do I have to uninstall StaMPSv-4.1-beta first then install Stamps-master

No need to Uninstall, just remove the stamps folder.

I hope you can bear my ignorance :sweat_smile:because I want to do it step by step correctly. You mean to delete this folder StaMPSv-4.1-beta
and I install Stamps-master the same way as installing StaMPSv-4.1-beta

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I got the same error

could it be the cause of the version gcc , I have gcc9

I think you didn’t successfully completed the mt_prep_snap step. Please try to learn how to set the path in Ubuntu, lot of material presented in online. I already forwarded how to set the path of StaMPS in .bashrc file but you are not getting my point.

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