Merging of two different satellite data

Anyone please guide me step by step procedure to merge Sentinel 1A and optical data .


You could either use the Collocation module or Create Stack (under coregistration).

But both data sets have to be in the same projection and coordinate system. On the general pre-processing of S1 GRD products, please see here: Radiometric & Geometric Correction Workflow

Dear sir

I want to merge sentinel 1A data with sentinel 2A or with Landsat 8

then pre-process your S1 data (calibration, speckle filtering, terrain correction), project it in the RD Terrain Correction step to the UTM zone of the Landsat8 data and then use the collocation module where you define one master (the one whose spatial resolution and extent is later used).

Dear sir

Somewhere i read that collocation creates wrong valid pixel expressions in certain cases. Then what should i do.

Give it a try.

Thank yo so much sir…but i have last question that “Collocation process” should be done before classification of both the images or after classification. Please clarify me.

Before classification. You can then use features of both satellites for training your classifier.

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Thank you so much sir.