Monintoring landslide movements

im doing a research project on monitoring landslide movement through InSAR ive got a couple questions

  1. what type of file do I need to use?
  2. how many images do I need
  3. if an SLC file how do I cut the image so I can see the intensity
  1. You need SLC images if you plan to use phase information.
  2. Depends, but keep in mind the decorrelation due to vegatation
  3. Could describe why you plant to use intensity band? Cutting data set is performed via subsetting operator in the Rester menu of the SNAP (in case you use it)

I just want to back geo code, im following the tutorial the ESA have given, ive got two SLC files but areas are massive

Better get data from one and the same orbit e.g. descending. I see very small overlap between SAR data.

There are numerous topics on landslides, I see no need for another one.

Please use the search function to find more and continue discussing there.

I agree with @hriston_bg, for InSAR you need images of the same track.

Please also have a look at the suggestions in this tutorial regarding image selection:

Deformation mapping with Sentinel-1

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