Multi aperture interferometry


I would like to work with Multi Aperture Interfeometry using Sentinel 1 images.
Is there any module which supports this method using SNAP or any other open source software. ?

If a module with Sentinel 1 is not available yet, what are the data sets (like ERS, Envisat ASAR, PALSAR…etc.) can be used for this approach using SNAP ?

Do you have any source for this image?
I think the part which is actually interesting is the merge of interferograms. You make two interferograms, one with a forward looking and one with a backward looking image pair. I am not sure how this is exactly defined, but it is decisive what is done with them in order to make one final product.

Sentinel-1 is probably not suitable for that, I guess you need bistatic airborne systems.

You can. These guys did it

Also, the image comes from here :

The idea is to do subaperture processing of L0 product to generate a backward and a forward SLC image. It degrades a bit the resolution since you reduce the Doppler Bandwidth

Maybe @lveci can tell us if this process may be implemented in the future ?


that is interesting, thank you for posting the links.

But in this case you need a L0 SAR processor such as ROI_PAC in order to prepare the data because SNAP only takes Level1 products.

True. I would have loved SNAP to do this

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Here is the source document.

could some one let me know how to get ROI_PAC software to work on this issue…!

Hi ABraun,

Thanks for the information.

could you let me know the processing steps to be followed to achieve the MAI with sentinel-1 using ROI_PAC.

further, pls let me know that, Is there any other software other than ROI_PAC which can process L0 format data of Sentinel-1?

I’m not experienced in this field, sorry.

Maybe another user can comment here, I am interested as well.