My snap always point out error about java

my snap always point out error about java. For example , when i run the process (mosaicing), i met the error about java as followed.

Can you tell a bit more about your processing, please.
What kind of data do you want to mosaic? How many products?
Also helpful would be the details shown after you click on ‘Show Details’. Even better would be if you attach the log file mentioned in the message.
Otherwise it is nearly impossible to find the cause the the error.

The data which i used were sentinel1-A-EW-GRDM. There are three products.
these products were processed by Range-Dopller terrain correction and the size up to 2.1G . the picture of ‘Show Details’ is as followed.

Can you provide me these three products? I send you a PM with the information where you can upload the data.

I got the same problem with you.
When I open SNAP, it always shows error in Java, for examples

Please, help me solve it

Thank you very much

The problem is already known:

Thank you for your explanation.
I will wait for next release
One more thing, I got problem with sen2cor 2.3.1 as using it for atmosphere correction. It seems that it is just supported by 64 bit. while my platform is 32 bit. You have any way to solve my problem ? Any old version of sen2cor that is compatible with 32 bit platform and Snap ?

You mean S2 TBX modul is Sentinel 2 Toolbox ?
I am new with SNAP, so, I have some confusion with it. So sorry

Regarding sen2cor see this post:

S2TBX module is the Sentinel-2 Toolbox, yes.
and please see here:

This might be a workaround. Uninstallation of S2TBX is then not necessary.

I will try
Thank you very much

The problem with the StackOverflowError shall be fixed with the next release. I don’t know yet, when it will be available.

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