NaN value after Terrain Correction or mask out the sea

I have GRD product and I did the Following steps; Orbit File, Calibration,Speckle filter,terrain correction, but after the last step some pixels (the value of Sigma 0) changed into NaN which are water body and I need these to do the flood mapping

I solved the problem

for those who have the same problem - the solution is to uncheck “Mask out areas without elevation”

Thanks, your solution is correct and make sense for my problem.

Dear ABraun,
I did the following steps for some GRD-Data:
Read -> Thermal Noise Removal -> Apply Orbit file -> Subset -> Calibration -> Speckle-Filtering (Lee 5x5) -> Terrain-Correction (Range-Doppler)

Afterwards I used Coregistration for all of them and placed Pins which were transferred to all layers.
But I get the result that is described here only in some images, even though I did not uncheck the “Mask out areas without elevation” step.

Do you happen to know, why this could happen? All of my Pins are placed in the same lake, so basically all should have been 0? Or is there a huge difference in the Coregistration somehow?

So you mean the pins contain false values or there are rasters missing after the coregistration?

Hey ABraun,

I stacked the images (~20) and set the pins (~15) inside the lake boundaries(I am only interested in the lake values), so far so good. Then I extracted the values.

For some pins - in some images (not all) - i got NaN, for some I got values.

I think this might be related to this Create Stack with different image parts problem.

let’s continue there then if this all belongs to the same data.