Offset tracking using both orbits

I read this in a paper. How can I do it in SNAP

By viewing a same area from two different satellite orbits, such as from an ascending (satellites travelling from south to north) and a descending pass (satellite travelling from north to south), 2-D information can be obtained. The coupling of the data from different orbits allows movement in both the vertical and east–west directions to be measured (Prati et al, 2010)

You can combine results of offset tracking if you manage to express the directions at each pixel as vectors:

Thanks ABraun. But still, how can I apply this in SNAP?

you won’t find a button which automatically does it. But you can stack both results and combine both values in the band maths.

Make some tests with possible value pairs in Excel. You need the velocity and the direction. Combining both mathematically (lengh and angle of the vector) could lead to a offset value which is no longer dependent from the pass direction of the satellite.

Thank’s a lot. I’ll do as you say