Oil Spill detection

Dear all

I am working on the detection of oil spill within the ocean. My criteria of classification consists of a thresholding of SAR reflectivity. So, the low value of reflectivities may correspond to the oil spill while the high values correspond to the Bragg sea surface.
But, by applying this criteria, I obtain a lot of fake estimation of oil: Some large low-reflectivity areas are detected as oil Spill while they are not.

Does anyone know what those areas correspond to ?

Thanks !

Could you have a look at this example, to find out and compare with your results,


Source: https://rus-copernicus.eu/portal/wp-content/uploads/library/education/training/OCEA03_OilSpill_Kuwait.pdf

Thank you. It is an interesting case but my real problem with “Note 3”, I dont know how to deal with it.

Did you progress to the final steps,

To find out whether you could get rid of look-alike oil spill,

Also hit some search to figure out how to solve this issue using SNAP or , other software, python for instance,

Also please have a look at this post

Source of the post