Orbit file timeout (March 2021)

Hello @lveci,
After updating Snap 8.0, the ‘Radar’ menu disappered…

In addition, help -> about Snap shows that I’m missing other toolboxes now!
Screenshot from 2021-03-07 14-29-42

Where are S1TBX, S3TBX and RSTB?


HI, @marpet I tried to follow your steps to update snap on Linux VM. This is the error I got.

Am I missing something?


Maybe this is Snap (package manager) - Wikipedia what you invoke.

./snap --nosplash --nogui --modules --list --refresh

Hi @marpet
The update command shows the module list and then hangs for me. I’ve left it for several minutes before killing it was ctrl+c.
Is this process expected to take several minutes? Perhaps I need to be more patient…

It seems to be fine.
After killing the --list --refresh command the --update-all command works.

Yes, this is known.
See Update SNAP from the command line - SNAP - SNAP Wiki (atlassian.net)
In the first note it is mentioned and a workaround is described.

Dear all
Someone works with ISCE. I have the same problem. What can I do? Thanks

The Sentinel-1 QC Web Site moved to this new address: https://qc.sentinel1.copernicus.eu/

The older address https://qc.sentinel1.eo.esa.int is now discontinued

It will not provide a link to the orbit files anymore.

It now contains a banner with link to the servers disseminating the orbit files.

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It seems the latest available orbit files are still only at 5 March 2021, when can we expect new orbit files to be available?

Also the “new official portal” (https://scihub.copernicus.eu/gnss) has no new S1 orbits after 16th Feb 2021…
Really it’s difficult to understand what’s going on.

Anyone looking to download older orbit files, which are not yet on the GNSS endpoint, I have put together a script to assist with this - just pass in the product_id and it will attempt to download POE or RES files to the directory where SNAP expects them.


Looks like they just started updating them on the aux site

Yeah I saw but seems like the last time, like a manual activity. Let’s see…

For anyone interested we saw that gnss site has been populated after 1 pm with some missing orbits (at least we checked the ones related to S1)

s1tbx-8.0.3 will now be able to use the gnss hub


So the only way to download orbit files will be via gnss hub. Does that also mean we will be limited to a max of 2 simultaneous orbit file downloads per account? That would be seriously hampering our automatic preprocessing systems…

Hi @alejobeap, the ISCE2 software will need to be updated for these new changes to the Sentinel-1 orbit archive.

Actually, I updated the archive of Sentinel-1 orbit files in my local PC using the code in the ISCE, which automatically downloaded all orbits before the timeout.

One question, will STEP server keep storing the orbit files?
Will SNAP be able to download them from that server? or will be automatically redirected to Scihub?

@lveci Would it be possible for you to also back-port that fix to SNAP 7.0, such that a module update of SNAP 7.0 picks it up?