Pan sharpening techniques in SNAP

Hi everyone. I am trying to calculate the NDWI which uses Band 8 and 11. However, Band 8 is at 10m resolution while Band 11 is at 20m.

Is there any Pan sharpening methods that I can perform in SNAP? if so, what are they?

Right now, I just did a resampling of all the Bands to 10m and ran the analysis for NDWI. Although it worked, I just want to clarify if it is the best or correct way to do it? Or do I need to do pan sharpening of Band 11?

Thanks for any available help on this!

Pan sharpening is available in the OTB adapter - please see here:

But for the calculation of a ratio resampling should be the better choice. With pan sharpening you risk imputing patterns from your high resolution image into the other and thus distort the actual band ratio.

You may perhaps try this new tool.
I’d be particularly interested in feedback how this compares with the other pansharp techniques mentionned here.
See my other post on this topic

This is certainly interesting, it might be worthwhile to port this to SNAP in Java, provided that the theoretical basis is solid.